NI Hard iron casting foundry - Abrasion Resistant Iron Casting

Abrasion Resistant and NI-Hard Casting foundry

in Knoxville, TN

Abrasion Resistant Irons, like NI-Hard iron, are low in silicon and are generally alloyed with Nickel and Chrome. There is an insignificant amount of graphite present in Abrasion Resistant Irons. The majority of carbon is in the form of iron carbides making it very hard, brittle and in most cases unmachinable. Abrasion Resistant Irons excel in applications with a high degree of wear and low impact.

Ni-Hard, ASTM A532 CL 1A

  • 550-600 Brinell hardness

CRC Low Alloy White Iron

  • 300-400 Brinell hardness
Typical Applications
  • Pipes and Elbows – Conveying highly abrasive materials
  • Pug Mill Tips
  • Asphalt Mixer – Liners and Tips
  • Clinker Grinders