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Ductile Iron Casting Foundry

in Knoxville, TN

Ductile Iron is commonly known as Nodular Iron. The name Nodular Iron comes from the fact that graphite in Ductile Iron forms in spheres or “nodules”. This provides the metal with considerable elasticity, impact resistance and high yield strength. Ductile Iron has steel like mechanical properties with the castability, machinability, and corrosion resistance of Gray Iron. The three numbers in the Ductile Iron designation represent the physical properties of the iron. First is the Minimum Tensile strength in thousands of pounds per square inch (KSI), second is the Minimum Yield Strength (KSI) followed by the Percent Elongation.


  • 60-40-18 – Annealed
  • 65-45-12
  • 80-55-06
Typical Applications
  • Machinery castings subject to shock and fatigue loading
  • Shanks for Asphalt Mixers and Pug Mills
  • Gears and Rollers
  • Flap Valve Housings